2340 NE Sandy Boulevard

Portland, OR 97232


Located inside Providore Fine Foods

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10 am to 6 pm 

In-store: Closed Tuesday

One full discovery box. Please allow 24 hours between order and pick up to guarantee the full quantity of delicious produce is avaiable for your box!


The Discovery Box is a collection of local and sustainable produce for adventurous home cooks. Play with varietals and flavors, get to know new farms and new ingredients. The box will be designed so ingredients can work together. Every box includes 8-9 fruits and vegetables, in quantities to serve you and a loved one (plus maybe a friend, if they're lucky!):


  • Something leafy you can eat in a salad
  • Something leafy to cook
  • A vegetables you can eat out of hand
  • A vegetable or two to cook
  • A seasonal allium, for making things delicious
  • A fruit or two, with a focus on unique varietals
  • An herb if it's interesting.
  • In the height of summer, you may get more fruits and fresh-eating vegetables. In the early spring and as we head into the fall harvest, mushrooms and cooking vegetables will be more available. 

The Discovery Box: Small (2-3 ppl)

Curbside pickup?
    • Please allow 24 hours for us to put together your box! 
    • Curbside service is available 7 days a week. However, Providore is now closed on Tuesdays. If you have additional items you plan to order or buy in-person from Providore Fine Foods, please arrange for pickup on a Monday or Wednesday.
    • Please let us know when you order if you want the box brought to your car and the approximate time you expect to pick up.
    • NOTE: Your order may take additional time if you are adding items from Providore Fine Foods. Please update us if you need to adjust your pickup and we'll coordinate with the Providore team to make sure you box is fresh!
    • If you choose curbside service, please include your car description with your time of pickup. 
    • When you arrive, call (503) 442-4626 and we will bring you your box.