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Josh Alsberg, owner, founder and fruit-obsessive behind Rubinette Produce Market, is a 15-year veteran of Portland produce. Alsberg started at the bottom of the fruit pile at one of New Seasons Market’s first locations. He then spent 5 years at the helm of Food Front Co-Operative Grocery’s produce department, building close and lasting relationships with small farmers across Oregon and along the west coast. An invited panelist at both the Organicology and Farm to Fork conferences, Josh loves what he does and shares what he loves. Whether you are a celebrated chef of a curious home cook, Josh is known across Portland for taking the time to track down the ingredients you crave. 

Rubinette Produce Market in the News:

You haven’t experienced true veggie love until you’ve talked peaches with Ava Gene’s Josh McFadden, or debated the merits of boysenberries with Rubinette Market’s “produce dork” Josh Alsberg.

Portland Monthly

Alsberg stocks marionberries, but also several kinds of other blackberries and raspberries. He took us through six kinds of caneberries -- the fruit that grows on thorny vines and is made of tiny nodules, called "drupelets."

The Oregonian

Josh Alsberg at Rubinette Produce Market, a small vegetable and fruit stand in the Providore Fine Foods complex, usually stocks between three and five varieties at a time. He works with small farms to stock strawberries that were grown without pesticides that have deep red color and can hold up well on the store shelves for a few days.

The Oregonian

"Rubinette Produce Market is a project of Josh Alsberg, a 12-year produce veteran and formerly the produce buyer and farm liaison at Food Front Grocery."

Portland Tribune

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Jessica Alsberg is the co-owner, co-founder and resident photographer, web developer, social media manager, marketer, recipe developer and cook at Rubinette Produce. If you want to know how to use anything you find at Rubinette, ask Jessica.

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