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Discover Your Next Favorite Fruit

The best produce, from our favorite farms, waiting for you.

Our Discovery boxes and gift baskets are a collection of local and sustainable produce for adventurous home cooks. Play with varietals and flavors, get to know new farms and new ingredients and have a delicious holiday!

Every Discovery Box includes produce from our favorite farms and purveyors.

Discovery boxes are available after 24 hours.
If you are ordering from Providore Fine Foods in addition to a Discovery Box, please allow for additional time, due to their separate fulfillment systems. Just let us know when your Providore oder will be ready and we'll make sure your produce is fresh!

In the Discovery Box you will find:

  • Something leafy you can eat in a salad

  • Something leafy to cook

  • A vegetables you can eat out of hand

  • A vegetable or two to cook

  • A seasonal allium, for making things delicious

  • A fruit or two, with a focus on unique varietals

  • An herb if it's interesting.
    In the height of summer, you may get more fruits and fresh-eating vegetables. In the early spring and as we head into the fall harvest, mushrooms and cooking vegetables will be more available. 

  • The Discovery Box includes local farm goods first, in order to support our small farms, but may supplement with trusted and organic larger growers where needed for flavor or variety.

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