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At Rubinette Produce we seek out conscientious, dedicated and innovative farmers and seed breeders. Below are most of the farms and farmers you will find in our store - and some links to our farm friends' CSAs. Support Oregon & SW Washington's small farms directly by signing up for a CSA box in from your favorite farm - we'll be here for anything else you need!

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Flying Coyote Farm

Flying Coyote Farm is a Certified Organic and Biodynamic farm in Sandy, Oregon. Led by farmer Lili Tova, Flying Coyote delivers year-round vegetable crops that set the standard for quality and flavor at the same time preserving soil health and bio-diversity. Flying Coyote's CSA is available here.


Full Plate Farm

Full Plate Farm is a small family farm run by Danny and Michele. Their 5 acre, certified organic farm is 18 miles north of Portland, among the oaks in Ridgefield, Washington. Specializing in winter vegetables, Full Plate Farm keeps us stocked with celeriac, leeks, greens and root vegetables. Full Plate Farm's WINTER CSA (November through April) is available here.


Our Table Cooperative Farm

Our Table Cooperative is a little bit of everything: a farm, a gathering place, a kitchen and a watershed restoration site. Founder Narendra Varma has created a space that nourishes the body and the earth. We count on Our Table to bring us delicious blueberries, unique dressings, and a range of sustainable vegetables.  The Our Table Cooperative CSA is available here

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Kiyokawa Family Orchards

Kiyokawa Orchards is a true family operation. Led by Randy Kiyokawa - possibly the nicest orchardist in Parkdale - this Japanese-American farming family has been growing in the Hood River valley since 1911. Randy has kindly planted an extra row of our namesake, the Rubinette apple, for which we thank him profusely every fall. 

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Eloisa Organic Farm

After 25 years of working the land at Spring Hill Organic Farm, Virginia Herrera and Zenon Ramirez made their dream come true and became owners of the historic organic farm in Albany, Oregon. Originally from the village of Asuncion Atoyaquillo, Oaxaca, Virginia and Zenon have become one of Rubinette's biggest suppliers.


Fiddlehead Farm

Fiddlehead Farm is a women owned and operated farm, growing over 200 varieties of vegetables in Corbett, OR. Led by farmers Tanye and Katie, Fiddlehead Farm delivers vibrant chards and practically perfect greens every time, making their orders one of our favorite times of the week! Fiddlehead Farm's CSA is available here.


Gathering Together Farm

At Rubinette we often say that the ground at Gathering Together Farm must be sprinkled with fairy dust, because everything they grow is delicious! Every year this Philomath farm grows over 50 different types of vegetables of over 300 different varieties, and we'll take everything we can get our hands on! 


Quiet Acre Farm

When our favorite kiwi grower - Raindance Gardens - was ready to retire, Alex and Nami Dumanian were ready to find a new farm to call their own. Matched together by Oregon Farm Link, Alex and Nami now grow immaculate, organic greens and vegetables on one acre of the former kiwi farm. Look for their picture-perfect arugula in spring and unusual tomato varieties come summer.

Our Farm partners (the big list):

  • Ayers Creek Farm, Gaston

  • Baird Family Orchard, Dayton OR and Maryhill WA

  • Big Barn Organics, Hood River

  • Blue Truck Farm, Wilsonville

  • Canby Farm and Kitchen, Canby

  • Cascade Organic, Tigard

  • Cascadia Chestnuts, Portland

  • Commonplace Farm, Corvallis

  • Deep Roots Farm, Albany

  • Eloisa Organic Farm, Albany

  • Farm 76, Lebanon

  • Fiddlehead Farm, Corbett

  • Flying Coyote and Black Locust Farms, Sandy

  • Flat Tack Farm, Vancouver WA

  • Fresh & Wild, Vancouver WA

  • Frux Farm, Warren OR

  • Full Plate Farm, Ridgefield WA

  • Gathering Together, Philomath

  • Groundwork Organics, Eugene

  • Idiot’s Grace, Mosier

  • Josi Farm, Tillamook

  • Katie Boeh, McMinnville

  • Kiyokawa Orchard, Parkdale

  • Lil Starts, Portland/Gresham

  • Love Letter Farm, Gresham

  • Middleton Six Sons Farm, Pasco WA

  • Mizuna Gardens, Warren OR

  • Mount Hope Farm, Mollala

  • Mustard Seed Farms, St. Paul

  • Nature’s Wild Harvest, Vancouver WA

  • Nexgarden, Portland

  • Oregon Citrus Farm, Boring

  • Our Table Farm, Sherwood

  • Pablo Munoz Farm, Dayton

  • Pheasant’s Eye Farm, Hood River

  • Quiet Acre Farm, Hubbard

  • Raindance Gardens, Hubbard

  • Riverland Family Farm, Corvallis

  • Red Truck Farm, Ridgefield WA

  • Red Truck Homestead, Portland

  • Sauvie Island Growers, Sauvie Island

  • Sonnen Farm, St. Paul

  • Springbank Farm, Lebanon

  • Stoneboat Farm, Helvetia

  • Sunrise Organic Farm, Albany

  • A Very Graced Farm, Turner

  • Vibrant Valley Farm, Sauvie Island

  • Vissers Farm, Silverton

  • Winter Green Farm, Noti

  • West Union Gardens, Hillsboro

  • Wild Roots Farm, Corbett

  • Wildwood Farm, Hood River

  • Wobbly Cart Farm, Rochester WA

  • Zenger Farms, Portland

  • Oregon Brineworks, Hood River

  • Old Blue Raw Honey, Philomath

  • Albina City Nuts, Portland

  • aMYLK, Portland

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