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Your staples have you covered, but everything would be better with a salad on the side? We got you covered with a Salad Box!


Rubinette's salad mix is famous for a reason! We work hard to source the most delicious, hyper seasonal greens from our network of over 40 local farm friends. But a great salad is more than mix! That's why Rubinette Salad Bar box includes:


  • One bag of Rubinette Salad Mix
  • 1-2 other kids of salad greens, from peppery watercress to beautiful butterheads, chicories to little gems, we'll choose the best we have.
  • 2-3 other crunchy, refreshing, salad-friendly vegetables depending on the season. Expect local radish varieties, carrots, fennel, purple daikon and more.


Farm punk salad dressing available for $7/8 oz jar.

The Salad Box

    • Please allow 24 hours for us to put together your box! 
    • Curbside service is available Sunday-Friday (not Saturday, due to farmer's market pickups). 
    • Please let us know when you order if you want the box brought to your car and your time of preferred pickup (note, orders after 6 pm will not be avalable next day).
    • NOTE:  NOTE: If you order from Providore Fine Foods, it may take additional time, as our fulfillment systems are not the same. We defer to Providore's pickup time, so let us know! We'll make sure your box is fresh and ready!
    • If you choose curbside service, please include your car description with your time of pickup. 
    • When you arrive, call (503) 442-4626 and we will bring you your box.
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