It's back! Our SMALL Discover Thanksgiving box has everything you need to feed 4-5 hungry guests with all of the best produce of the season. Find fruits and vegetables from our favorite local and sustainable farms.


Our Discover Thanksgiving box includes a broad palette of flavors that frees you up to get creative, including:


  • Gravy/stuffing flavor pack: carrots, celery, yellow onions, shallots & leeks 
  • Wild foraged mushrooms - chanterelles, hedgehogs or other wild-foraged mushrooms from the Oregon forest
  • Adventure herb mix: Sage, thyme, rosemary and savory. 
  • Cranberries and satsuma mandarins for a tart-sweet sauce.
  • Our best local potatoes - fingerling? purple? We'll pick what looks best! (yukon gold available by request)
  • Brussels sprouts on the stalk: roast it whole for a dramatic presentation. (Green beans available to substitute)
  • Parsnips or celeriac. Tell us which you prefer.
  • Local heirloom squash: Blue Kabocha? Robin's Koginut? Tell us whether you are cooking it for puree/pie or as a side dish and we'll send you home with the right squash. (Sweet potatoes available to substitute)
  • Our famous, locally-sourced chicory salad mix.
  • A dramatic whole chicory - raddichio? rosalba? treviso? we'll use whatever looks best - for a modern, bracing salad or a sophisticated saute.
  • Heirloom apples: A mixed bunch of locally grown heirloom apples - enough for a big, beautful pie. Want to make an open-faced tart? Let us know and we'll toss in a couple pink-fleshed Mountain Rose apples, too!
  • A pomegranate, because the seeds make everything beautiful!


With this box, you should only need to buy a turkey, spices and a few staples to make a show-stopping, modern and delicious Thanksgiving feast!

Discover Thanksgiving Box - Small

Squash or sweet potatoes?
Brussels sprouts or Green beans?
Celeriac or parsnips?
    • All boxes require 24-48 hours between order and availability.
    • Thanksgiving boxes must be ordered by Tuesday, November 22nd at 11:00 a.m. for availability by Wednesday the the 23rd.