Get cozy and creative with a box of all the very best produce just for you. Sourced from our favorite farms, this carefully selected box has everything you need to create an intimate and delicious Holiday dinner for just  two, including:

  • Matsutake mushrooms - the much-coveted, extremely rare wild mushroom prized for its truffle-like intensity. Perfect for shaving over steaming-hot potatoes or thinly slicing into a clear opening soup.
  • Black Futsu squash, perfect for both side dishes or a small pie.
  • Just enough cranberries and satsuma mandarins for a tart-sweet sauce.

  • Local potatoes in the best variety we have available. Fingerlings? Yukon golds? We’ll pick our best.

  • Wild foraged mushrooms - chanterelles, hedgehogs or other wild-foraged mushrooms from the Oregon forest.

  • Local brussels sprouts. (Green beans available to substitute)

  • Parsnips or a small celeriac. Tell us which you prefer.

  • A chicory - raddichio? rosalba? treviso? we'll use whatever looks best - for a modern, bracing salad or a sophisticated saute. 

  • Heirloom apples: Just a few of our locally grown heirloom apples, including pink-fleshed Mountain Rose apples, to make a pretty little tart!

  • Gravy/stuffing flavor pack: carrots, celery, shallot & leek. 

  • A pomegranate, because the seeds make everything beautiful!


With this box, you should only need to buy a small bird, spices and a few staples to make a show-stopping, intimate and delicious Thanksgiving feast!

A Luxurious Thanksgiving Feast for Two

    • All boxes require 24-48 hours between order and availability.
    • Thanksgiving boxes must be ordered by Tuesday, November 23rd at 3:00 p.m. for availability by Wednesday the the 24th.